Lee's Golden Dragon


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Captivating Shows

Acrobatic feats, musical drum sets, bright cultural costumes, and fun crowd interactions are some of the things you will experience at a Lee’s Golden Dragon dance show.


Lion Dancing is a traditional Chinese dance performed on special occasions such as the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival or Lunar New Year for good luck. As it is believed that the lion is an auspicious animal.


Lion Dance

The Lion Dance is an ancient Chinese performance art dating back almost 2000 years. Modern day lion dance has evolved into a fun and thrilling display of music, culture, acrobatics, and crowd interactions.


Dragon Dance

The Dragon Dance is a spectacular sight to see. 8-10 performers expertly manipulate a flying dragon through the air with flips, waves, rolls and more as the dragon interacts with the crowd bringing good luck and good fortune to those around it.


Musical Drum Show

Discover the unique sounds and rhythms of the Lion and Dragon dances. Be transported to another era as Lee’s Golden Dragon musicians perform synchronized sets on large traditional drums.



Every second is an edge-of-your-seat moment when witnessing the daring stunts displayed by Lee’s Golden Dragon performers. These performers are also athletes that compete nationally in tournaments where the Lion traverses 10-15ft high steps while executing choreographed acrobatics.


cultural experience

A joy for all ages, audiences delight in the personal experience of taking part in a Lee’s Golden Dragon show. It is a true convergence of culture, music, spectacle and performance art.


Photo Op

Audience members love taking photos and selfies with our performers and not only does it add to the excitement it has proven to generate excellent social reach for the event as they share their experiences on social media platforms.